Many of his children became professional wrestlers. Davey Boy Smith John Hindley. He became involved with wrestling after retiring from his career with the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League. Inside Wrestling’s Greatest Family. The Hart Foundation’s first reign”. Ellie had three daughters with her husband, wrestler Jim Neidhart. In the late 80s the Stampede storylines also included a fictional brother of Davey Boy Smith by the name of Johnny Smith who feuded with Davey and Owen, the storyline also involved Diana Hart, who was worried over how Johnny’s behaviour would affect their family.

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Former personnel Hart wrestling family. Stampede Wrestling Hart Dungeon Hart wrestling family.

Spoken with Irish Ulster Scots dialects. Helen had initially been told by doctors that she may not be gaet to bear children at all because she was born prematurely, this turned out to be incorrect [19] and Helen originally wanted to have 15 children but could not due to medical reasons.


Lord of the ring. Hart wrestling family Owen Hart and the British Bulldog.

Retrieved June 30, Lindsay Hart, daughter of Alison Hart and Ben Bassarab, works as a make up artist and has worked on her cousin Natalie Neidhart on the aoi show Total Divas[] as well as working backstage for Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling. Survival of the Hitman.

Hart wrestling family – Wikipedia

Brit is married to a man by the name Jamie Harling, who works with her at the Rouge restaurant in Calgary. Ellie and Jim divorced inbut remarried to each other in Diana married wrestler Davey Boy Smith and had two children with him.

Davey Boy Smith John Hindley. Farrah Hart is a clothes designer. In the mid and late 90s Harry Smith, T.

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qli Retrieved from ” https: In his autobiography, wrestler Roddy Piper states that he is a cousin of the Hart family. Dean had one child with his girlfriend Tammy, a daughter by the name of Farrah Hart, born in April Retrieved December 7, Billington family Hart wrestling family.


On July 16,Matthew died at the age of Bret Hart the Excellence of Execution”. My real life in the cartoon world of wrestling.

Dynamite Kid Davey Boy Smith. It gives a brief accounting of the lives of all twelve Hart children as well as parents Stu and Helen growing up in Calgary.

Hart wrestling family

Johnny Smith August 18, “. Retrieved July 11, Archived from the original on June 29, Many of his children became professional wrestlers. Online World Of Wrestling.

In Novemberhis daughter Angie Annis staged an art exhibition at the gymnasium prior to the establishment closing fart doors. The Hart Foundation’s first reign”. Professional wrestling Sunday dinner. Archived from the original on 16 January Online World of Wrestling.