Besides, you can change the correlation of memory and FSB frequencies. Besides, lower power consumption allows making noiseless and ungreedy for power systems a low-power supply unit, as well as the processor, doesn’t require cooling with a fan , and makes possible to save on a heatsink and a case. As the experience shows, even on the low-end processor market the price is not a determining factor. The platform allows conducting only office tests. But even lifting of clock speeds of the current core with the finer technological process is difficult.

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As a result, even the fast MHz bus can’t improve the situation. The board has only two switches, and both are meant for switching on a computer from mice and keyboards with a USB biostzr.

The feed circuits have 7 uF capacitors. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: The second processor is, however, more interesting – VIA Technologies promised to use a new core C5X in the Ezra processor, which meant higher performance especially as far as calculations with a floating point are concerned.

The board we received is a pre-production sample. The problem consists in quite short time of existence, as compared with the computer giants, and insignificant means invested in the marketing and the trademark of C3 processors. That is why even the performance equal to the one from competitors in business applications together with an attractive price is a factor of minor importance.

But you mustn’t forget about the stability of operation which is appreciated much more in this sector than speed. There is also a CD with a driver, utilities and a user’s guide. Processors from VIA appeared on the market a long time ago, but during such a long period they failed to gain popularity. On the modern tests which start all applications simultaneously and use them in turn, the VIA processor performs worse than on the aging SYSMARK which implements scripts on a single application.


The processors are almost impossible to overclock, what means a low frequency potential of the C3 core. However, there is another obstacle. The C3 processor is just a renamed Cyrix3 with Samuel2 core, which we have already examined.

Biostar M6VLB – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket 370 – PLE133

You can adjust memory timings, a correlation of FSB and memory frequencies, modes of an integrated video adapter, as well as to overclock the processor. They need reliable brand-name equipment. The board we received was packed in a box of an old design. Furthermore, you can’t change anything in operation of the CPU. As a result, the processor business in the low-end sector is more profitable for VIA than, for example, for AMD which has to sell its budget processors at the prime cost or even lower in order to maintain its niche.

Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. Besides, there are Media Ring Talk 99 and some other utilities. The only jumper on the board serves for cleaning CMOS content. But the latter function is unfortunately locked in the processor.

As a result, it doesn’t suit home computers with their games greedy for a coprocessor. But it is the only which biostra just 2 PCI slots and is equipped with an old south bridge. Well, this board will suit only for the most unpretentious user, who is short of cash at the same time.


It works, though, not at MHz but at and higher.

CPU VIA C3 MHz and VIA PLE based Motherboards

With the 66 MHz of the base frequency we may set the following frequencies: And the problem is not connected with superiority of some processors. It can be enabled only in some pre-production samples. All functional elements and connectors are placed conveniently. That is why we have decided to display the results of only one board.

Such solution corresponds the latest specifications of the industry but is not compatible with old expansion cards. The processors from VIA Technologies are still based on the biostarr core developed by Centaur, where a computing unit with a floating point is a weak point.

There are also jumpers for setting the base processor frequency – 66,MHz and for adjusting a multiplier – from 1. Besides, lower power consumption allows making noiseless and ungreedy for power systems a low-power supply unit, as well as the processor, doesn’t require cooling with a fanand makes possible to save on a heatsink and a case.