The values set override the values set in the environmental variables. Type the new password to be used by the SequeLink password change mechanism. Select the Concatenate check box to see the Java code of all previous actions; otherwise, only the Java code of the last action will be shown. If the driver does not find the file, it returns the message:. Returns the highest number of connections in all connection pools since the process started.

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sequellnk In the Bourne or Korn shell, type: Logging is JDBC 1. Learn about Stylus Studio’s unique features and benefits in just under an hour. Click OKand close the sladmin54 window.

Returns the current number of pools associated with the process. Dtaadirect wizard prompts you to register the SequeLink service on the host machine. Improve data access performance by simply switching ADO.

This attribute contains the name of the ODBC system data source.

.NET Bridges for JDBC and ODBC Databases – DataDirect Connectivity

The fields change on the lower half of the screen to accommodate the information required to query an LDAP server for connection information. The DataDirect Test windows contain two Concatenate check boxes. A product specialist will be glad to get in touch with you. Type the new password to be used by the SequeLink password change mechanism.


This document assumes that you have already installed the SequeLink Server for the database to which you are connecting. This option reverses the order in which types are returned, so that Microsoft Access will use the most appropriate native type.

The port must be an available port. You are returned to the datadirecy of drivers. Ability to trace method calls.

If the driver does not find the file, it returns the message:.

1 Troubleshooting Tools for the SequeLink® Client

The following procedure uses the MMC. Limit security vulnerabilities with our fully managed ADO. If the datadirecy name or domain name is omitted, the SequeLink Server will attempt to authenticate the user ID and password with the database account defined for the machine on which the SequeLink Server is running.

Returns the total number of attempts to open a connection that failed for any reason since the process started.

Powerful SequeLink ODBC driver

The numbers in bold superscript are note indicators that correspond to the notes listed in “NOTES” following the example. For DBMSs that support only a single connection, the second attempt fails.

You can then execute any non-parameterized SQL statements. The location of the. All parameters in the DataDirect Test configuration file can be customized, but the most commonly configured parameters are:. If you change the value of an environment variable, you must restart the application for the new value to take effect.


Note, however, that if the Persist Security Info connection string option is set to true, the datadjrect will be displayed in clear text. In the Java Code scroll box, the actual Java code used to implement the last action. When set to 0 the initial defaultthe workaround is sesuelink off.

.NET Bridges for JDBC and ODBC Databases

ODBC provides maximum interoperability-a single application can access many different database systems. If the driver cannot be loaded, ivtestlib returns an error message explaining why.

Type the name of the file data source you want to create or click Browse to select an existing file data source; then, click Next. To create a new data source: Specifies the host password, which may be required depending on the server configuration.

The initial default is 4.