Epson Photo as user sane-find-scanner detects a bunch of USB devices including the scanner, but has not enough permission scanimage -l no SANE devices found iscan, simple-scan, and xsane do not work. To show you the quality of the image in the PNG file, here is a ‘full-size’ image of one of the cartoons that were scanned at dpi. No upgrade log present probably fresh install. Maybe the fix for brother scanners is as easy as the one for the epson ones This doesn’t look like a bug fix to me, it’s a workaround, needing a user tweak, libsane1 should look for third party sane drivers once called backends IIRC in the “legacy” directories as well as in the new ones, for backward compatibility.

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You may want to run this program as root to find all devices.

In contrast, SANE cleanly separates device controls from their representation in a user-interface. Sane used to work until “something” was changed an now it doesn’t work anymore for many people. Forgot to mention that I use or rather attempt to use the scanner over the TCP.


A Scanner How-To for Epson scanners (Installation and Usage on Linux)

Today I managed to bring back my dead Epson V alive: But the ‘iscan’ command still gave the same popup message after installing ‘iscan-network’. Veron Rado junket wrote on Yevhen onegin-ua wrote on If you want to research details about image scanningespecially on Linux, more thoroughly, you may wish epkow try the following commands:.

This is a problem with an Epson GT in ubuntu I guessed that I may need to run ‘sudo xsane’ to avoid the ‘Failed to open device’ message. View all comments or add a comment. Most Scanners connected to the parallel port or other proprietary ports can’t be detected by this program.

Scanimage is the same whether user or root: For my Ubuntu Linux computer, ‘. It worked fine on Ubuntu This effectively kills mDNS Avahi broadcasts and so I’m not able to connect to the printer using that system.

Linux Scanner Driver Download

I think the fix might epoowa Can you try what happens if you switch to X-org? RadekB rrrbbb wrote on I thought that the message may indicate that the ‘iscan-network’ package needed to be installed, so I installed the ‘iscan-network’ deb package.


Then the main Xsane GUI comes up. But I don’t have most ot the files listed: Changed in sane-backends Ubuntu: Scanners that are affected are besides others: I’m using it now in a virtual machine in In the past, version Some notes on the Xsane scanner software: Epson v photo doesn’t work either.

[all variants] Epson scaner/epkowa, SANE and 16 bit scaning

Any pointers or tips are appreciated. Note that the scan was almost as simple as pressing only two buttons ‘Preview’ and ‘Scan’. Dear package maintainers, as you see, ‘epkowa’ and some other Epson backends are clearly mispackaged. Deb file is different in my case iscan- perfection- vbundle- 1.

Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Installation itself seemed unproblematic.

That explains why the. After update Ubuntu