Again, thanks for the tips on the RAM cards and card carrier door. Used it under Win 3. I’ve yet to find any, so that may not be accurate. You’re currently viewing a stripped down version of our content. I would recommend switching to a flash card. You are welcome to try copying it.

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RARE HP Omnibook 430 F1037a W/[email protected]/4mb RAM Battery Powered Only

I take it that you have to disable bit disk access completely, and that disabling bit disk write access, but keeping bit disk read access enabled doesn’t work, right? There are sites which claim to sell new battery packs for thebut I’d rather not pay several times as much as I paid for the unit to get one if possible. The OB doesn’t have any sort of BIOS setup menu, apart from pressing Alt at startup to select the boot drive, so any system-specific tweaks generally have to be done omniboko TSRs, config utilities, config file options, etc.

Martin The DOS image would work fine with the com port. The method I used to install the operation systems on the Compact Flash for use in the OB was the following: Is there a way to tell what sort of flash card would work with this unit before I buy it?


HP Omnibook 430 Manuals

INI to prevent the system from hanging. Figure 9 – Outer Bottom Case Components Bill, what’s your process for omnjbook operating systems on the OB? Was hoping there’d be some sort of source for this stuff, but given that these machines are 23 years old, it shouldn’t surprise me, really.

OB Rom card is Version 2. The one I bought which was still brand new and unopened!

Is the door on the left onmibook the D-drive Rom Card? Therefore I suggest to disable advanced power management for a while. I don’t post here a whole lot, but I’ve had a pretty healthy collection of HP stuff going for some time. The best OB in the series is the OB Memory end User Replaceable A few years ago I picked up an OB for on ebay that had a cracked screen – but it had a 6mb memory card in it that I was able to transfer to my working Small Parts end User Replaceable I used a 4GB Microdrive.

The copying could be easily made dependable on your choice in a DOS boot menu.

Omnkbook Port Problems It’s rather outdated nowadays, but is quite capable nonetheless, and runs for a long time on a pair of AA batteries. Once Linux is booted, you can use the Linux tools to create Linux native partitions on the remaining 3.

I never tried using VirtualBox to create the CF systems.


HP Computer Museum

It’s actually not that the OB disk hardware doesn’t support it, but rather it appears to be some weird conflict with the power management. The tricky part was omnibooj DOS installed to the C: And when I say that it’s hanging, the peculiar thing is that the mouse cursor is still movable, and you can hit Ctrl-Alt-Del to get the usual Win 3. Here’s a forum thread about some programs that run on the OB You could also set up two versions of the 4300 and copy the desired ones to the proper place depending on which mouse you want to use.

You’re currently viewing a stripped down version of our content. View the full version with proper formatting. The following is a link to the Archive of the old Omnibook mailing list. I am now stuck with the fact that the device lifespan is now directly linked omjibook that of the hard drive.

Disabling advanced power management corrects the problem, but isn’t a viable way to run the system.

I believe it can be done.