Drive Partitioning To partition the drive, I installed it into the miniStack case that I have and hooked it up via firewire to the Cube. I had planned to use a firewire drive, but then I’d lose the elegance of my small-footprint, 3 cord solution power, ethernet, APC USB cable. The rules say 5 images of the final product, but noone wants to see 5 pics of a standard Cube. Overview User Reviews Specs. I figured for 25 bucks it might be worth getting rid of the FireWire case and trying out. I’m still hopeful that tech support or anyone at the company will get back to me but I’m not optimistic.

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I believe it may not be compatible with This has a several minute delay, uspport saves me the cost of a static IP and the headache of dealing with Dynamic DNS services. I should also note that you technically do not need to run the curl against ipchicken. AppleScript to the rescue! I skimmed some reviews to verify that it seemed to work and decided to go this route as I could make a much better NAS for my entry by getting massive intecch while retaining the footprint and cable count.

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Was this review helpful? I had maxed it out on storage with a GB drive yes, I know GB is the actual max but I do not like hitting the barrier with a GB and this was sufficient for backing up our laptops, but I really wanted to back up our 90GB worth of music and movies hi-csp the entertainment center as well.

Just be sure you click “Send” when configuring the mail settings and check to be sure the test message came through. I fired up Disk Utility and set the drive to 2 partitions. They have clips that prevent aa from falling out when they are removed from the drive, so no magnetic tip is needed here. I am presented with a very nice progress meter which tells me how many MB it has completed and what directory it is currently copying. It does its magic extremely quickly so much so that I was concerned it may not have done anything at allthen tells you to restart and use Intsch Utility to configure the new partition.


Since this is really a software mod anyway, here are 3 of the final interface for the Cube. zta

The easiset way to do this would be to write AppleScripts to quit and open iTunes, and schedule these to run before and after the backup using Cronnix or iCal. I set it up to start automatically at boot, to check the drive every 12 hours, and to send me an email if there are errors. Thank You for Submitting Your Review,!

I will not cover that as directions can be found all over the internet if you do not know how to do it yet.

Once, it is out, there are 2 hex screws that hold a guard plate in place behind the drives. Yep, works just fine.

The Cube makes a nice decorative addition to an office, as well as keeping noise pollution to an absolute minimum since there are no fans to cool it. Thank You for Submitting a Reply,! Very satisified customer here.

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This same project suppoort also be done with a Mac mini and a MiniStack, or even a full-blown desktop PowerMac if you do not mind the noise and additional wasted space. So, I settled for the GB knowing that when the s come down in price, I can upgrade and pass the down to another machine or external case. Having a real computer allows you to do so many cool things that simply are not possible otherwise.


As I ssupport in the intro, though, this tutorial was really intended to inspire Cube owners to keep their beloved machines out of retirement for a little while longer. This piece of software allows you to use large drives in old Macs.

This Cube is running a basic install of OS X My final touch is to rename the main partition from Cube2 to Cube now that I am sure that this is all finished and I will not need to redo anything.

SpeedTools ATA Hi-Cap Driver

Click here to review our site terms of use. When you see a download you want, just inntech a link in an email instead of having to remember to do it later when you are at your real computer. Those who are familiar with my modding career know that I have 3 fetishes when it comes to modding. I am always a skeptic when using new software, so I was not really expecting this all to work quite as advertised, but I must say suppprt everything worked perfectly and I am now a believer in the Intech tools.

So, spread the word My third fetish is the one we’ll be satisfying today Closing Thoughts As you can see, using a Mac hi-ap the basis for a NAS is much better than using an off-the-shelf product due to the flexibility. Works fine on a dual G4 GB internal.